Mobile Phone And Its Effects On Health Care And Professional, Ethical And Legal Concept

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A smartphone is a mobile telephone with more advanced features. It is different from the cellular phone which is only for wireless calling and texting. The smartphone has wireless connectivity, and operating system touches screen interface, and can download applications like personal computers. It provides mobile calls, internet access, checks your vital sign, can track your exercise, and access multiple emails. Smartphone software applications are suitable and increasingly popular for both health care consumers and providers. Social Medias are computer- mediated tools that allow people or companies like health care system to create share or exchange information, career interests, pictures, videos, and ideas. It is easy to take it. The rapid growth of applications and software being merged with the health care and professional, ethical and legal concept as related to healthcare concept. In professional settings, extensive use of smartphone and social media presents many disputes. In health care work settings, they could become privacy and security risks, as well as a source of interference for the staff. Smartphones are a significant source of distraction for activities such as driving, classroom learning, and work-related duties. Comparably, in health care work settings, the use of Smartphone and social media creates a great risk The advancement in technology like Smartphones and Social Media has positively and negatively impacted the health care system. It has enabled
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