Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System

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MINOR PROJECT REPORT (Project Term August-December, 2012) MOBILE BASED ATTENDANCE TRACKING SYSTEM (J2ME) Submitted By: ASHISH NIVHAL Reg.No. : 10905923 GURBEER KAUR Reg. No. : 10907141 SUMIT SINGH Reg.No.: 10906099 ABHAY NATH SINGH Reg. No.: 10906381 SANJEEV KUMAR Reg.No.: 10906429 SECTION : K3R19 PROGRAMME : B.TECH-MBA (DUAL DEGREE) CSE Under the Guidance of Mr. HARJIT SINGH Lecturer Discipline of CSE/IT Lovely Professional University, Phagwara August to December, 2012 DECLARATION We hereby declare that the project work entitled (“Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System”) is an authentic record of our own work carried out as requirements of Minor Project for the award of degree of B.Tech-MBA(Dual Degree) in CSE from Lovely…show more content…
In our project which we are developing through the help of JavaMe, we are developing an application which can run on any Java compatible phone irrespective of the phone’s operating system. In this application we will be marking the attendance and also viewing the attendance through any Java compatible phone. Existing Software University Management System (UMS) is a large database system which can be used to manage, maintain and secure our university’s day to day business. The UMS can be accessed through the UMS Login available on the University website by logging in using the Username (student Registration Number in case of students and parents; and Employee ID in case of staff) and the Password. For login: • The students should enter their Registration number as Username and the password. • The Staff should enter their Employee ID as Username and the password. In case of the application provided for the phone based environment named “LPUTouch” which runs on iOS, Android and Windows phone. First the login page comes when we start the application. After logging in as an authenticated user we can access our attendance, view marks and see our time table. What’s new in the system to be developed In the existing system the application has only been designed for platform like windows, android and iOS. It does not work on any other phone. But the application which we have designed can run on any Java enabled device irrespective of the type of OS the
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