Mobile Phone Cloning

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MOBILE PHONE CLONING WHAT IS CELL PHONE CLONING? Cell phone cloning is copying the identity of one mobile telephone to another mobile telephone. Usually this is done for the purpose of making fraudulent telephone calls. The bills for the calls go to the legitimate subscriber. The cloner is also able to make effectively anonymous calls, which attracts another group of interested users. Cloning is the process of taking the programmed information that is stored in a legitimate mobile phone and illegally programming the identical information into another mobile phone. The result is that the "cloned" phone can make and receive calls and the charges for those calls are billed to the legitimate subscriber. The service provider…show more content…
And the worst part is that there isn’t much that you can do to prevent this. Such crime first came to light in January 2005 when the Delhi police arrested a person with 20 cell phones, a laptop, a SIM scanner, and a writer. The accused was running an exchange illegally wherein he cloned CDMA-based mobile phones. He used software for the cloning and provided cheap international calls to Indian immigrants in West Asia. A similar racket came to light in Mumbai resulting in the arrest of four mobile dealers Introduction While mobile cloning is an emerging threat for Indian subscribers, it has been happening in other telecom markets since the 1990s, though mostly with regard to CDMA phones. Pleas in an US District Court in 1997 effectively ended West Texas authorities ' first case of `phone cloning. ' Authorities in the case estimated the loss at $3,000 to $4,000 for each number used. Southwestern Bell claims wireless fraud costs the industry $650 million each year in the US. Some federal agents in the US have called phone cloning an especially `popular ' crime because it is hard to trace. Back home, police officers say the Yasin case is just the tip of the iceberg and have asked operators to improve their technology. But the operators claim they can 't do much for now. "It 's like stealing cars or duplicating credit card numbers. The service providers cannot do much except
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