Mobile Phone Is a Learning Tool

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Topic: Mobile phones are a necessary tool for education. Discuss Mobile phones are the communication device that can connect people with others in any places. Students nowadays rely on mobile phones as their communication devices with friends and parents. Some of them think mobile phones as a learning tool. Are they really essential as a learning tool? This essay will argue that mobile phones are a necessary tool for education but also they are not necessary tool for education. Firstly, it will explain why mobile phones are a necessary tool for education. Then it will explain why they are not. First of all, Mobile phones are a learning tool. Beside teachers who are teaching students in classroom with math, science and…show more content…
( Mobile communication activities have increased cheating in classrooms. (Katz, 2009, p.22) Furthermore, Mobile phones are harmful to user’s health so they can affect their learning ways. Researchers have been found that mobile phones produce waves that are harmful to heart, internal and reproductive organs. Also, radiation from mobile phones can damage brain cell. ( For example, mobile phones can be implicated in brain tumours as a result of electromagnetic fields or radiation. (Raju, 2009, p.5) In, Say that ‘In brain, hippocampus is understood to be responsible for learning and memory.’ That means, when the brain has affected by radiation from mobile phones, our learning ways will be also affected because of hippocampus. So the mobile phones are not necessary tool for learning. In conclusion, it is clear that mobile phones are not necessary tool for education beside that they can be used as learning, researching, and communicating devices. They can produce many problems that make learners distract from education, feel sick and experience cheating. So it is our responsibilities to choose which one is good or bad about our lives. It is necessary to us to choose the good one which can
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