Mobile Phone Problems

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Cell phone Problem Among Teenagers During the most developed period of time, many adolescents in countries like America, UK, China, and Japan receive their first advanced phones in their early teens. Modern cell phones are used in many additional services other than basic phone calls such as texting, gaming, internet access, MP3 players, camera, and etc. By using cell phones, teenagers are more easily to access in complicated society online. Without fully awareness on the major issues associated with cellular phones, teenagers and children aren’t ready to handle different cell phones’ issues by themselves. The excessive use of cellphones has negatively effects on adolescents regarding physical and psychological health, academic courses, and the society; therefore, parents and schools should supervise and limit teenagers' cell phones uses. Modern cell phones should be restricted to teenagers due to both physical and psychological problems. Jacin states severe issues that health risk behaviors have occurred on adolescence who excessively use cellphones according to a cross-sectional study. (Jancin) Extensive use on cell phones is proved to be harmful to your own health. Teenagers who spend hours to hours on cellphones are more likely to be affected due to their vulnerable immune system comparing to adults’. Even though Hamilton expresses that the unanticipated physiological problems such as headaches, cancer, and brain diseases on cellphones may be disproved or proved for
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