Mobile Phone and Cell Phones History

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A. Attention Getter: Cell phones are very useful and handy but can also be very dangerous. It can Distract you from your studies, distance you from loved ones and/or endanger themselves. B. Reason to listen: tonight I’m going to tell you the reason people are on their cell phones so much. D. Credibility Statement: 1. Cell phones are intriguing to me because I myself am very distracted from them. 2. I have done much research on this topic. E. Preview of Main Points: 1. First, I will describe the usage of cellphones around our community. 2. Second, I will examine the effects it has on teens 3. Third, I will discuss how to deal with this problem that people have created. First let’s talk about the history of cell…show more content…
Many people argue that talking on a cell phone while driving is not any more disruptive than carrying on a casual conversation with an occupant of the vehicle. b. American Automobile Association, the driver may not be distracted by a light hearted, casual conversation, but he may be paying less attention to his driving if the conversation is intense Transition: While it distracts people it also is disrespect B. Disrespect 1. Answering youre cell phone – most of you here are parents and have children that are teens now. a.Cell phones can be a detriment, for instance, when you are enjoying a dinner out with friends you have not seen in awhile. Your dinner partners construe the ringing of your cell phone and the fact that you answer it or text someone as rude. b. A cell phone that is constantly ringing or vibrating in your pocket is a huge distraction 2. Can 't inform that you are unavailable a. cannot call up every friend or family member and instruct him or her that for the next few hours b.Being busy and should not be called. The time needed to do this would be ridiculous. Transition: Disrespect and distractions are part of the whole part of how it effects the modern society. C. The effects of cell phones in modern society 1. Cell phones are becoming a needed item. a. Some people rely on their cell phones for everything. Mainly due to the fact that some cell phones can do just about anything. b.These days phones are
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