Mobile Phones : A Long And Productive Voyage

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The advancement of the wireless phone has been a long and productive voyage. Beginning with the first cellular telephone call dated back to in April 1973, by Mr. Cooper, to the profoundly advanced, much smaller handheld cell/PC we utilize today. The introduction of the advanced cell has help the wireless business turn into a multi-billion dollar industry on account of the headways in innovation. Various IT employments have been made in view of this shift in innovation. Because of this developing interest for new innovation these advance cell phones have change our society and how we live everyday our lives.
This paper will analyze and examine the development of the mobile phone innovation from its first introduction to the world, to the
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This leap in innovation set the tone for how we communicate today. The capability to move and talk no longer limited us, and enabled us to carry on with simple task that once was not even thought of i.e. drive and talk, walk long distances and communicate, travel and get directions while on the road, and communicate easier while doing while running errands without the use of pay phones. Fast-forward to today and advanced cell innovation has expanded tenfold particularly with the introduction of messaging, application software, and social media.
Messaging is referred to as a real time text based communication that has two main forms: Instant messaging and text messaging. Instant messaging is most commonly used on computers but are extremely popular on cell phones as well. Mobile phone clients can get instant messaging through application programming downloaded to their telephones and get instant messages simply like they would on the off chance that they were on their PC. Extraordinary sample of this is Facebook. With the popularity of social media (Facebook) we can receive up to date instant messages via cell phone through the instant message applications and stay up to date with friends and family. Another form of messaging is text messaging. Text messaging is a method of person to person communication in which user’s type short text messages from mobile phones. Text messaging uses the Short Message Service
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