Mobile Phones : A Modern Day Smart Phone

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The item under consideration is a cellular phone. The cellular phone has drastically changed over the past few decades. I am going to specifically be discussing the modern day smart phone. A smart phone is a mobile, cellular phone with the ability to become a computer, camera, GPS, PDA and digital music player. It has an interactive screen and is capable of being customized for the individual who is using it. Since there are so many smartphones in todays society I am going to focus more on the iPhone while still incorporating other smart phones with in this paper. The iPhone is made of a smooth slab of metal, glass, silicon and electricity. The phone originally came in two varieties of colors however today their are many more out there the original colors were the color of white eggshells while the other a midnight black. The phone is sightly taller and wider but definitely thinner than an Altoids mint tin. The iPhone’s are small enough to grip in ones hand, and powerful enough to accomplish all computing needs. They can be used on either wifi or cellular data plans. The common name for the phones are smartphones because they are capable of handling almost anything. The iPhone relates to aspects of social life because not only can one use it to call people. A couple decades ago the phone was only capable of calling. Today the iPhone is capable of many different tasks. It is almost used more frequently and is much more accessible to access the internet with than a laptop.
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