Mobile Phones And Electronics Particularly On Mobile Devices

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In this digital age we have a tendency to be extensively dependent on electronics particularly on mobile devices. There are various mobile electronic devices: laptop, tablet, and cellular phone to name a few. In the early 1990’s even with the bulkiness students started bringing cellular phones to school back then. Schools began to place a restriction on the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Initially, the cell phone was only able to make calls and receive calls. Now, the cell phone or more commonly named smart phone is the most favorable with students since they are able to stay connected to a wide variety of social media. For example, “Students can access the Internet, send or receive text messages, check email, and even video chat with others quite literally from the palm of their hand” (Kuznekoff, Titsworth 234).
With this in mind, a person is able to keep their credit card information, bank online, shop online, play games, watch videos, the list goes on. Students of all ages carry their mobile (smart) phones with them when they go to school to make phone calls, text message or simply just listen to music. It appears very few students engaged in modern education today are not equipped with a mobile communication device. For instance, take a walk through the quad and within 5o feet there is a probability of a half dozen or more people walking and talking or texting on the cell phone.
In fact the smart phone has a numerous amount of features and applications. “Mobile…
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