Mobile Phones And Its Effect On Children

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Abstract: With the development of science and technology, more and more people have mobile phones. Mobile phones play an important role in our lives. Individuals’ life, students’ life in particular has been influenced deeply.There are many advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Introduction: Mobile phone is playing a more and more important role in individuals’ social communication. Mobile phones quickly attract the student attention by its small and convenient, rich sources, and many other characteristics. Mobile phones bring convenience, entertainment and other functions, news and other information to our students, but also produced a series of negative effects. For example, Mobile phone’s radiation is strong, and the long-term use easily harm students ' health includes eyes health, mental health and so on. Some persons who have some negative thoughts on his main would send some illegal information to harm mental health of students. There are most students use phones in library greatly affect the learning efficiency. Firstly, the positive impact of mobile phones. 1, Mobile phones always influence students ' communicative. Mobile phone can make communication conveniently. Most students buy a mobile phone to contact friends and relatives. Use of mobile phones can improve relationships. Although the friends all studied far from you, you can easily connect with them. Because the phone is very convenient, you can send text messages to each other in the festival.

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