Mobile Phones And Tablets Are More Than A Good Thing

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As the administration battles to stay aware of the changing propensities for an undeniably organized citizenry, government organization innovation bosses need to “grow their digital platforms to create app-oriented content custom-tailored for smartphones and tablets” (Corbin, 2014). As residents utilize a more extensive exhibit of gadgets, the presentation of government substance needs to those varied platforms. Today, there has been an explosion of mobile devices being used for work, whether authorized or not and mobile security is becoming a hot topic. Mobile phones and tablets are more than a simple communication machines in today’s society.
Within the government, all sides can agree on that moving helpful applications, or apps, to mobile devices where they can be used by the community for free at any time and almost at any location is a good thing. Governmental Agencies are looking at new and different technologies and mobile applications to be used, so these government apps are designed for citizens based on their helpfulness, ease of use and the intangible but all-important coolness factor (Breeden, 2012). With the plethora of federal apps available, some of the most innovative are listed.

The Defense Department created this “Zen” app as a portable stress management tool. Providing health information on the effects of stress on the body and provides users with practice exercises for learning diaphragmatic breathing to relieve stress (Sadasivan,
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