Mobile Phones And The Internet

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1) Telecommunications is an industry that is rapidly growing and changing. Any communication using technology can be considered telecommunications, but the phone and internet are the two most commonly thought of forms. It is becoming increasingly common for both internet and phone features to be accessed on a single device. Smartphones, mobile phones that are internet capable, have only been available for a relatively short time. Despite this, their popularity has exploded and their features are changing the world in many ways. Much like with mobile phones in general, consumers were quick to adopt smartphones. In 1984 only 92,000 Americans subscribed to mobile phone services; 16 years later almost 110 million were subscribed to these same services. As of the end of 2008, about 270 million Americans were using mobile phone services (Federal Communications Commission, 2010). Recent research indicates that smartphones now outsell mobile phones that aren’t able to access the internet and make up 53.6 percent of total mobile phone sales (Gartner, Inc., 2014). The popularity and capabilities of these new smartphones are opening up new markets and changing the ways that businesses are attempting to reach consumers. It is estimated that half of Americans over the age of 18 currently own a smartphone and that half of them access social media with these devices (Armstrong & Kotler, 2014). This has created a new and effective way of marketing to consumers that many companies are
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