Mobile Phones Are An Important Part Of Our Day Life

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Mobile phones are an important part of in our day to day life. As everyone has a smart phone with features such as Messaging, Games, GPS, Social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Newspapers, books, etc. Almost everything imaginable is available online on our smartphones to access anywhere. The mobile phone operating systems which are leading in the market right now with a huge competition are Android & Apple. These can be used to download the mobile application for their mobile devices whether it 's a Samsung or an iPhone or Nexus many more. The mobile market has emerged as one of the most expanding markets in the past century for smartphone and various mobile applications.
The mobile application used before the release of iPhone was WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). They were designed to run on the Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson devices. The WAP was designed to work with wireless network to provide SMS, GPRS, CSD, and USSD. WAP would also allow us to use one of the standard Internet protocols which are UDP, IP, and XML. WAP enabled devices were used to access mostly branded websites back then like, and so on… We could open a website in the WAP mobile but back then due to small screens and fewer resolutions the displays were mainly used only to display texts and involve fewer graphics. The revolution for development of more games, clearer resolutions, and better graphics web pages was the one which lead to the making of the smart phones with…
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