Mobile Phones Changed The Way Of Communication And Life Style

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ZhenLiang Sun, QiHui Wang Professor Measles English 1010, Annotated Bibliography 14 November 2015 introduction In the high-tech world, it is common sense that the cellphone has been playing an essential and indispensable role in our daily life. The mobile phones change the way of communication and life-style. people can get many other benefits from it such as games, camera, business. Therefore, it can be found that cellphones are used among people of all ages. Hardly can we image that without cellphones, what would the world like? Everything has two sides, people ignore the bad influence on his or her life when people enjoy the convenience and entertainment form the cellphones. Firstly, I make an appointment with my group members at the library, which is a minimal distraction place so that we can concentrate our attention. we establish the topic which is about the influence of cellphones. Then we do brainstorm, and associate with some keywords about topic. Next, we research our keywords from the academic articles and internet resources. We find some academic books can provide some accurate data including the quantity of radiation from cellphones and the development of cellphone. Some internet resources are critical and latest news; it can give us some different of view about the influence of cellphone. Thereafter, we divide the work; I find six resources from internet, and my partner find six resources from academic books. We start to read carefully our article and
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