Mobile Phones: Information and Communication Technology

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Mobile Phones: Information and Communication Technology The advent of Information Technology resulted in massive progressions in the telecommunication industry. Not only market size and corporate growth was witnessed but the information and communication world saw cutting edge innovations that resulted in most sophisticated of communication technologies becoming readily available to ordinary people. The mobile phones emerged as one of the greatest developments in the telecommunication world. Initially, mobile phones or cellular phones (also known as cell phones) were only introduced as telephones that were portable and their use was not confined to ones premises. Over the years, the way cell phones began to be used diversified greatly when the world moved towards the GSM technology. The GSM was than further developed to incorporate services such as General Packet Radio Service. Then came the 4th generation mobile phones and it was when the concept of smart phones was introduced. These types of phones, which are now readily available act as a fully fledged computer system of the size of a conventional cell phones.
Dual Characteristics of Mobile Phones as a Communication Technology In its initial stages, the mobile phone entered the telecommunication world as merely a portable device for long distance communications. The only distinction that a cell phone back then had with a conventional land line device was that the former was movable and portable while the latter
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