Mobile Phones Is The Identity Of A User Essay

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EXISTING PRODUCT Since the origin of Mobile phones, the only thing that has not developed much in mobile phones is the SIM card i.e. Subscriber Identity Module Card. It is a device which has user identity, network authorization data, personal security keys, contact lists and text messages. Functionality of the SIM card: • Identification of a User: The International Mobile Subscriber Identity programmed on the SIM card, is the identity of a user, which is linked to a mobile number. • Authentication of a User: A unique response is provided by each user based on International Mobile Subscriber Identity. By matching this response with network a legal user is logged on to the network and he or she can now use the services of the mobile service provider. • Applications: Provides basic information on demand for m-commerce, chatting, cell broadcast, phonebook backup, location-based services etc. • Storage: To store phone numbers and SMS. The first SIM cards were the size of credit cards, then the telecom companies reduced the size several times over the years. SIM Card History However, they have not made any significant efforts to avoid it, which is resulting in increased size as well as weight of mobile phones. And it can be clearly seen that, the size of integrated circuit in SIM card is still the same even after 25 years of its discovery. Environmental Impacts because of product use and end of life phases were evaluated as follows: Previously, the SIM cards were made from
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