Mobile Phones : The Most Popular Platform Of Communication Essay

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Mobile phones have become the most popular platform of communication in many developing countries, such as India and Korea. As of today, cell phone ownership is more common than landlines in these two emerging countries. There is a huge difference in the role that cell phones play in these two developing countries, yet there are many similarities as well. Overall, mobile phones have made a large impact on both India and Korea in ways such as regulations, beneficial developments, and even addiction. In rural parts of India, citizens feel as if they do not have a voice because there are no newspapers, radio stations, or TV channels in their language. Internet usage does not even reach one percent in rural India because of the lack of language translation. Journalists call this the “Media Dark Zone”, where media is almost invisible. Shubhranshu Choudhary, a journalist in India, started a mobile phone network to help give citizens a voice and the equal rights to be heard. In the documentary Using Mobile Phones to Empower India’s Poor produced by National Geographic, Choudhary talks about the benefits of mobile phones by saying, “Anybody and everybody who has a story can tell everything, share everything and will pick up his or her phone and tell her story in her own language.” Citizens in rural India don’t have to wait for a journalist to arrive. With mobile phones, these citizens become journalists and can tell their own stories. Naresh Bunkar, a rural activist in India,
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