Mobile Services For Developing Mobile Phones Essay

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1. Introduction In recent years, the use of smartphones has revolutionised the landscape of communication. These smartphones provide real time communication anywhere at any time, while their rich multimedia and advanced displays can work with high speed data delivery and computing power. (Heron and Smyth, 2010). The increasing use of mobile phones has presented a new opportunity to approach health care challenges and swing the standard practice of health care access and delivery. This has fuelled the development of mobile health by integrating the mobile communication and its multimedia features into delivering mobile health care systems (Catalani et al., 2013). Hence the widespread of mobile technologies have the potential to improve healthcare service and the health of an individual. (App Development: An NHS Guide for Developing Mobile Healthcare Applications, 2014) Through mobile healthcare apps, there are various fields through which healthcare can be improved. This can lower the cost of healthcare by facilitating the delivery and improving the connection between the patients and the healthcare providers. (West, 2013) Health care is an important part of the country’s economy. Nepal being an underdeveloped country faces enormous challenges in the healthcare sector. This situation is harmed by low awareness programs, bad governance and instable management. Furthermore, less funding though increased at present by the government still makes it difficult to provide quality
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