Mobile Technology And Its Effect On Our Society

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Nowadays, Mobile Communication has become a necessity and also is adopted by teenagers. Thirty years before, it was used only by business, while at present it becomes a small little technology device, which has been accepted by all sections of human society. There are many reasons for its increasing attractiveness, such as its market competition, portability, and also the rapidly offers on subscriptions…the society has fully integrated into the mobile technology. In order to understand the new mobile communication technology with teens, here are 3 significant issues to look at: the adoption of mobile technology by teens, identity of Teens, and the texting among Teens.Thus, in my point of view, the introduction of traditional functions in mobile phone like talking and texting only as compared to the new-fashion functions of using mobile phones such as camera and message service means that mobile life will percolate in the society in the future. In these recent years, the terms of mobile generation have grown up. Research studies indicated that teens use mobile technology in many ways, which are totally different from adults, for that they tend to focus on the communicating parts rather than the researching information use (Ling, 1999). To add up, teenagers are using text as a general choice of communication. It is an increasing importance of mobile technology in teenagers’ life, most of the teenagers use their mobile phone all the time. Besides, they put it close to their
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