Mobile Technology And Its Effects On People

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This paper report the main focus is mobile technology. In this specific report mobile technology and its effects on people was discussed. The first portion of the report speaks of an article that supports the advancement of mobile technologies in their children’s lives and the second portion speaks of an article that believe mobile technology should have its limitation or banning it completely in children lives until they become teenagers or young adults. Throughout this paper the advantages and disadvantages of the two articles will be compared and contrast and in the end I will discuss and give my comments about the two.
Mobile computing is where a device that has no bodily connection to a link or in other words wireless, has the ability transmission data such as a video or voice. Mobile computing is surrounded by the ideas of the telephones abilities to be free from a specific location, mobile hardware, and mobile software: also known as mobile application where computer programs were converted specially to meet the capabilities of a mobile device. Though mobile computing and mobile technology definitions are basically the same, in this report mobile technology define as portable technology will be the main focus. Common types of mobile devices are mobile phones, laptops, and tablet computers. Throughout this whole report, the advantages and disadvantages from these two articles about mobile technology and their effects on children and adult lives will be
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