Mobile Technology : Columbus Ohio Memorial Hospital

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Mobile Technology

Columbus Ohio Memorial Hospital (COMH) is a facility classified as a “level one” trauma center. This “level one” trauma center has approximate 1200 inpatients beds and 130 beds that are located in the emergency room. This facility has always utilized an electronic medical record (EMR) since 2010, which has displayed a remarkable progress in their patient care. One of the major problem that concerns physicians, is that they are unable to communicate patient information to other staff without having EMR in their presence. There have been countless days where the physicians had to wait for lab or test results in order to base their decision on patient care. Often times, the physician may not be at the hospital or a facility where accessible patient information is provided. Having access to share patient information via device would minimize time, cost, enhance patient care, and improve clinical workflow.
One way of sharing information is through a software application that provides instant messaging (IM). This instant messaging device is in real-time called “IM Your Doc. This application is known for its rapid speed and is efficient when communicating. According to IM Your Doc (2015), the application provides a fast-speed texting wrapped, that meets HIPPA compliance, which have greatly improve the health care of the patients, and support the provider’s needs. The “IM Your Doc” application was designed by providers who were aware of their needs for

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