Mobile Technology Is A Major Leader Essay

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Mobile technology is a major leader in information technology and provides opportunities for innovation, agility and flexibility in the workplace ("GOVERNMENT USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY", 2012). This fast growing field provides new innovation, agility, flexibility in the workplace while driving the future of our end-user computing platform ("GOVERNMENT USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY", 2012). The Obama administration recently ordered all federal agencies to begin making at least two apps as part of its digital government plan (Breeden II, 2012). With this mandate some agencies are already ahead of the power curve having apps hit the market already while still developing new apps, but one of the things that government agencies will have to adjust is the level of their apps as they are considered primitive compared to the private sector apps. Also to note is that government apps are linked to stored information which makes most of them simple databases. The NASA app was one of the first agencies to have an app go public and has been available since 2010. This app shows pictures of the universe and it shows it in high definition. The “Ask Karen app was launched by the Agriculture Department and is a friendly app that can answer all questions pertaining to food for example, how long food can last in a power failure or if you want to know if a restaurant cooked your fish correctly (Breeden II, 2012). The National Cancer Institute Mobile is a detailed dictionary of cancer terms,
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