Mobile Telecom Industry in Bangladesh

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Mobile telecom industry in Bangladesh by Raiyan Mahmood Moon, Shaffat Fahmi and Shoiab Mortuza September 16, 2010 Mobile phone has become an indispensable part of Bangladesh 's everyday-life and has made a "safe haven" in one of our pockets much like our wallet that we never want to leave at home while we head for our work! Thanks to the telecom-revolution and its relentless evolution that together have made it possible even in developing countries like Bangladesh. This is the dominant device that we now express ourselves through, get our work done and share our pains and pleasures with. In this paper we have analyzed this mobile telecom industry on the basis of its customer, competitors, industry perspectives, environmental…show more content…
Segmentation also helps identify the key features of a product that will give the customers the most value for money and lead to building motive for buying. Identifying the needs of a customer often opens up new markets that a firm may expand into. The customers of the telecom industry in Bangladesh pretty much include everyone in the country. Communication can almost be deemed a necessity nowadays and the telecom industry takes advantage of this by constantly promoting their products with high budget advertisements and endorsements, falling prices, and diverse products. Target customers are hardly ever able to avoid being exposed to telecom products, and combined with constantly reducing call rates resulting from competition, a large segment of the country 's population now utilize subscription to more than one operator. I. Segments The telecom industry of Bangladesh tends to target the country 's entire population as a single segment, but varies its product in terms of augmented features and benefits to appeal to distinctive segments of customers within that one segment. While all the players in the industry attempts to compete with each other in all segments, they usually tend to target heavily the segment in which their primary core competency lies. Some of the customer segments are as follows: The everyday user – Usually more
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