Mobile Use While Driving Is A Distraction

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A. Smartphone use while Driving is a Distraction
The state of Texas needs more restrictive laws on use of hand held devices, such as cellphones or smartphones while driving to reduce the amount of distraction to drivers. Historically traffic laws across our country have changed over the years to increase public safety and decrease mortality and morbidity on our roadways. Mandatory seat belt laws, child restraint laws, as well as mandatory blood alcohol testing in many states are but a few of these examples. Through each of these examples, individual personal preference was outweighed by the greater safety outcome. One may dislike wearing a seatbelt, but not doing so, is against the law.
I believe that the next great threat on our
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With 3,531 deaths being reported during that same time frame. The Texas Department of Transportation has estimated the economic loss of all motor vehicle crashes in 2015 at $37,800,000,000. Of these reported deaths, 476 people were killed in crashes that involved distracted driving. Utilizing the same economic loss calculation, that places an estimated economic loss to Texas of $5,095,667,108 in 2015 from deaths related to distracted driving. However, the cost and loss goes beyond what is statically captured by these economic loss calculations from deaths. With information collected from Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports received and processed by the Department of Transportation as of May 15, 2016, the total number of accidents for calendar year 2015, involving cell phone or mobile device usage in the state of Texas was 5,364. (, 2016)
A1a. Texas’ current hand held device ban, is a start in the right direction. Texas is one of 37 states that restrict the use of hand held devices by novice drivers, in addition Texas does not allow hand held devices or texting by any driver in school crossing zones or on public school property during the time the reduced speed limit applies. Within 2014, 15 percent of all distracted driving fatalities in the United States occurred in Texas. (, 2016) I believe that a ban on all
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