Mobile Wireless Network Essay

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Recent progress in mobile wireless network has provided a major impulse towards the development of self-organized, self-created, and rapidly deployable network architecture referred to as Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). Although the application area of MANETs was initially proposed for environments of disaster recovery and battle-field communications, the evolution of the Multimedia Technology and the commercial interest of companies to reach widely civilian applications, have made Quality of Service in such networks more important.
Many different protocols have been proposed to support Quality of service in MANETs, each based on different intuitions & assumptions. Current proposals in the literature have attempted to provide Quality of
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A Mobile Ad Hoc network is receiving attention due to several salient characteristics such as:
 Dynamic topologies
 Bandwidth-constrained links
 Energy constrained operation
 Limited physical security.
Therefore the routing protocols for wired networks cannot be directly used for wireless networks. Some examples of the possible uses of Ad Hoc networking include students using laptop computers to participate in an interactive lecture, business associates sharing information during a meeting, soldiers relaying information for situational awareness on the battlefield and emergency disaster relief personnel coordinating efforts after a hurricane or earthquake. A MANET uses multi-hop routing instead of a static network infrastructure to provide network connectivity. Several routing protocols have been proposed for MANETs. Initially, in this work, number of ways of classification or categorization of existing routing protocols and the survey on the performance comparison of important protocols such as AODV [2], DSR [3] and DSDV [4] are presented. A number of researchers have done the performance analysis of Ad Hoc Routing protocols over the years using different simulators like NS2, Qualnet, Opnet etc. From the survey of QoS Models and Protocols of the IP network such as IntServ, DiffServ, FQMM (Flexible QoS Model for MANET), RSVP etc., it is observed that they
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