Mobile Wireless Technology Is An Important Part Of Everyone 's Life

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Introduction The world lives a large evolvement in all life aspects. Everything moves in the comfort direction. One of these aspects is the technician aspect and it is an important part of everyone 's life as every thing around you become technician. In your room there is a TV, mobile, laptop...etc. Even most of kids ' toys became in need to a remote control. The wireless technology means no need to wires or cables. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are examples of that. Mobile wireless industry now is in the head of all industries due to the increasing in mobile usage day after day. It passed through several generations until it reached this great evolvement which we see now. It started with the first generation 1G with analog communication. In the second generation 2G the digital messaging was added to the analog communication. In the 3G, both calls and messages became digital. In the 4G –which we have now- the improvement was in the usage of a large bandwidth. The generation which is expected to appear is the 5G. The 5G is purely based on the 4G and will give a huge level of bandwidth which we cannot imagine. Furthermore, there are two predicted generations 6G and 7G. The 6G will be a satellite based network with speed up to 1 GB. This leads to the space roaming problem which shall be solved by the 7G. The report is organized as follows. First and Second section provides literature review of past and current mobile communication generations from first generation (1G) to fourth
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