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Mobil Eye Case A) Mobileye, founded by Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, is a company leading the market in technologically advanced software algorithms, system-on-chips, and applications customized to extensively process visual information for the use of advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS. Mobileye is the market leader for ADAS because of its unmatched customer value proposition, or CVP; focusing on continuously improving safety, avoiding accidents, and saving lives in an increasingly affordable way. This value the customer receives comes from the applications that increase the safety in vehicles such as warnings for lane departure and forward collision, autonomous emergency braking, and many other active safety features. These…show more content…
This vehicle requires no steering wheel, gas, or brake pedals, and already has 500,000 miles of test-driving. It includes an advanced linar, light detection and ranging, sensor system for developing detailed maps of roads it has traveled on. Google’s disadvantages as a competitor all stream from the outrageous cost of its self-driving car prototype, which is $170,000. Shashua and Aviram do not believe it could be commercialized at such a price. Also, the mapping system would involve an immense amount of driving and is extremely unrealistic on a global scale. There is also a possibility of road construction, changing roads and highways making the memory saved in the systems inaccurate for the mapping system used by Google. In addition, Shashua and Aviram believe that it is not to Google’s advantage to attempt such huge leaps into the future so soon. Lastly, the other potential competition that could challenge Mobileye would be OmniVision. This company develops digital-imaging solutions for a multitude of markets besides automotive, including entertainment, medical imaging, PC cameras, mobile phones, and security and surveillance. OmniVision has technology such as a 360 degree view, lane change detection, and autonomous driving. The technology used in those various devices could be applied to visual processing for ADAS’s, along with radar and lidar. An advantage OmniVision possesses is that it has the basic
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