Mobility Has Become A Very Common Word And Rapidly Increasing

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Mobility has become a very common word and rapidly increasing part in today’s computing area. An increasing growth has appeared in the development of mobile devices such as smartphone, PDA, GPS Navigation and laptops with a variety of mobile computing, networking and security technologies. In addition, with the development of wireless technology like WiMax, Ad Hoc and WIFI, users may be surfing the Internet much easier but not limited by the cables as before[3]. Thus, those mobile devices have been accepted by more people as their first choice of working and entertainment in their daily lives. This chapter presents a survey on mobile computing, context aware computing, cloud computing .It includes mobile computing architecture ,features,…show more content…
d) Dis-symmetrical network communication: servers and access points and other MSS enable a strong send/receive ability, while such ability in mobile nodes is so weak comparatively. Thus, the communication bandwidth and overhead between downlink and uplink are discrepancy. e) Low reliability: due to signals is susceptible to intervention and snooping, this must be considered in a mobile computing network system terminals, database platforms, networks, as well as applications development to address the security issue. 2.1.2 Mobile Computing Categories As a comparative description, mobile application models can be classified as: A. Offline Applications The vast majority of applications available for modern cell phones fall into this category. They go about as fat client that processes the presentation and business logic layer locally on cell phones with data downloaded from backend frameworks. There is always synchronization between the client and backend system. It could be notified that fat client is a networked application with widely resources available locally, rather than distributed among a network as exist with a thin client [5]. Offline applications, also often called native applications, offer:  Good integration with device functionality and access to

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