Moblie Phone Technology and The Social Impact Thereof Essay

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INTRODUCTION Mobile phone technology is a technology that a vast majority of us would be familiar with, allowing one to call from almost anywhere, anytime as long as they connected a network. Mobile phones revolutionised the world of personal communication, because of this it is important that the impacts that the technology has had on the community. This essay will trace, in brief, the history of mobile phone technology along with an examination of the social impacts that this technology has had. HISTORY OF MOBILE PHONES While mobile phones are easy to obtain today, it was decades after the technology was discovered, that they became available on the public market. “The History of Cell Phones” (2011) claims that mobile…show more content…
Literral (n.d.) asserts that in addition to being smaller 2G mobiles introduced new digital circuit switched transmissions, quick telephone to network signals and SMS (para. 5-6) The third generation of mobile or 3G, the current mobile generation, was first introduced commercially October of 2001 in Japan. 3G offers a wider range of services, such as Broadband internet and high tech video calls (Literral, n.d. para. 7-8). SOCIAL IMPACTS While the telecommunications industry has been revolutionised by the mobile phone, several social issues have arisen from its usage. Areas of concern include social impacts on young people, problems with road safety, social etiquette issues and impacts in educational settings. The introduction of the mobile phone has begun to cause changes in the behaviour of young people as the technology becomes more and more central to their everyday life. Mobile phone technology allows for the quick arranging or rearranging of social functions (Geser, 2004, as cited in Campbell, 2005, p. 4). This can then allow a “more fluid culture of information social interaction” (Geser, 2004, as quoted in Campbell, 2005, p. 4). Also, mobile phones allow closer contact to peers; although, this is not necessarily a good thing. As this can lead to parents having no knowledge of whom their children are contacting regularly (Davie, Panting, & Charlton, 2004, as cited in Campbell, 2005, p. 6).

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