Moby Dick Captain Ahab Quotes

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Captain Ahab is obsessed with the idea of seeking revenge and killing the great white whale, Moby Dick. He boards the Pequod, a whaleboat ship and with only one mission in mind, to destruct Moby Dick. Ahab is a bad captain for the whaleboat because he is infiltrated with the obsession to kill Moby Dick which makes him manipulative, selfish, and quite dangerous. Even if the Pequod’s fate was to fail or succeed, Ahab made it inevitable to have a good success. Throughout the book, it can be argued that Ahab seems to portray not only the pequod’s ship caption but a dictator as well. The crew is deemed to risk their lives for the captain’s sake no matter the circumstances since their choices are limited to either dying by jumping off the boat or…show more content…
Captain Ahab’s superiority among the other crew members is quite evident. He uses his skills, to try to gain his only purpose for boarding the Pequod. When introducing his character they said,“He’s a grand, ungodly, god-like man, Captain Ahab; doesn't speak much; but, when he does speak, then you may well listen..Ahab’s above the common; Ahab’s been in colleges, as well as’ among the cannibals…he’s Ahab, boy; and Ahab of old, thou knowest, was a crowned king!”(Pg.71). Paleg and many others know Ahab is an important figure, Ahab doesn’t have to flaunt his superiority to make it known that he is a valuable character. It can be argued that he doesn’t just think of himself because he has a family back at home, but throughout the book, we don’t see Ahab worrying or talking consistently of his family but rather his thoughts are to capture the great white whale(Pg.72). Ahab acts in a villain-like way because a heroic captain typically cares for his ship crew, tries to capture as many whales possible, and worries solely on his job. In this book, the captain acts in a completely contrary way. The captain from the Pequod, Ahab, instead, holds a very strong ego. It is clearly stated by Ahab himself, “Three peaks as proud Lucifer. The firm tower Ahab; the volcano, that is Ahab; the courageous, the undaunted, and victorious fowl, that, too, is Ahab; all are Ahab”(Pg.385). When Ahab said this, he was looking at the gold doubloon, this chapter makes it evident that he didn’t see any other person or thing as a higher importance than him. Humans project what they want to see, his ego was too high to realize that he was being a sort-like villain because he was setting the plot of the story to revolve only around
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