Mock Analysis: Red Haired Women's Blood is Warmer than Other People's Blood

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Hojat et al (2011) article attempted to investigate some important relationships about diabetes. Their article described a correlation study used in hospital setting where diabetic patients were being treated. 891 patients and 29 doctors were studied to find if the doctor's empathy had any impact on the clinical outcomes of the patients diabetes struggles. The article concluded that " The hypothesis of a positive relationship between physicians' empathy and patients' clinical outcomes was confirmed, suggesting that physicians' empathy is an important factor associated with clinical competence and patient outcomes ." The z test was used as a statistical tool in this study as well. Differences in the proportions of patients with good and poor control test results for physicians receiving high or low empathy scores were examined by using the test for proportions.
2. 8 Steps:
This mock analysis will investigate a claim that red headed women's blood is warmer than other people's blood. The population selected will be selected from volunteers. This study should expect many more non-redheaded people to be available for this study. Since redheaded women are rarer than most, this may be problematic for statitstical analyisis. Finding useful sample sizes is extremely important in developing a study that can withstand the scrutiny of statistical analysis and provide key insights into the relationships they seek to illuminate.
1. State the Null Hypothesis:
Red headed…

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