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Mock Consultation: Bobby Per Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte (2011) consultation is a process of solving problems, or aid consultees with the knowledge to exercise their abilities to work more efficaciously within their organization, an individual, or group. Ideally, the consultant and consultee share an egalitarian relationship, and the skills in play mirror those of a counselor-client relationship, both consultant and consultee share ideas to solve an issue (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2011).
In this paper, I will give the framework for the consultation, explain the difference between consultation, prevention, and intervention in relation to the scenario, and give an assessment strategy. Additionally, I will discuss a theory behind the
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The framework for beginning this consultation includes several steps that need to be completed. In the beginning, a consultant must have entry or the initial meeting with the consultee and stakeholders (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2011). Next, the consultant and consultee must define the problem, as well as the desired outcome (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2011). Once the problem has been defined, and a goal set, collection of information, along with an intervention will be established. Additionally, a plan must be formulated and implemented with a way to measure and evaluate its effectiveness (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2011). Lastly, the consultation must be evaluated, a consultant must reduce involvement, and terminate the consultation (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2011).
Consultation, Prevention, and Intervention Consultation defined in the relation to the scenario is the school counselor seeking input from a consultant and a plan to help the teacher, Bobby’s mother, and Bobby to reduce the unwanted, violent behavioral pattern he is exhibiting (Brown, Pryzwansky, & Schulte, 2011). Per Shea & Shern (2011) Prevention is the active process that aids individuals and organizations to promote well-being. Prevention is not just on the individual or organization, it is a community effort (Shea & Shern, 2011). In contrast, an intervention is aimed at an individual, family, or organization that are already involved in a

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