Mock Disciplinary Appeal Board Hearing

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I enjoyed reading the mock disciplinary appeal board hearing, and thought it was very consistent with most hearings and ultimately fair. As I read through the hearing I found myself moving from guilty to not guilty. As they say, there are two sides to every story. In this case there were too many uncertainties; things that couldn’t be proven. Looking at the process, I thought it was fair and the hearing examiner seemed unbiased and gave each side equal time and consideration. As far as the ruling, as I had alluded to, I would find him not guilty. However, not knowing their policies, there may be violations that need addressed, but I would not uphold the termination based on what was presented in this hearing. I would also reinstate him to his prior position with back pay. As we say about criminal cases, not guilty doesn’t mean they’re innocent, it simply means there’s not enough evidence to find them guilty. Looking at this hearing in comparison to the described disciplinary process outlined in the 2015 Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA) Contract, I see little difference. Of course, discipline can take many different routes. This being a termination case, they typically streamline the process, moving it to the appeal board hearing at an accelerated pace. This too is a large part of the contract negotiations. If you look through the OCSEA contract, you will see many areas that address time limits. This is due to the understanding that discipline should be just

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