Mock Test: Information Technology Infrastructure Library

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1. The Goal for Service Level Management is to maintain and improve the IT service quality through a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring and reporting upon IT service achievements

Reporting and management of all services

measuring existing services and the potential future requirements

monitoring service failures, reduction of service risks

2. Good example of a service can be described as? Unix Server

Payroll Processing


Wide Area Network

3. What is the role of the Emergency Change Advisory Board (ECAB)? To assist the Change Manager in ensuring that no urgent Changes are made during particularly volatile business periods To assist the Change Manager in evaluating Emergency Changes
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What type of security tests need to be performed?

How to create information security awareness in the organization?

What are the pricing or chargeback models

15. Facilities Management refers to? The Management of an outsourcing contract

The Management of the physical IT environment, such as a Data Center

The Management of IT services that are viewed as “utilities”, such as printers or network access The procurement and maintenance of tools that are used by IT operations staff to maintain the infrastructure
16. Which of the following statements CORRECTLY defines Insourcing and Outsourcing delivery model options? Insourcing relies on external organization(s) resources; outsourcing relies on internal resources Insourcing relies on knowledge process outsourcing; outsourcing relies on application service provisioning Insourcing relies on co-sourcing; outsourcing relies on partnerships

Insourcing relies on internal resources; outsourcing relies on external organization(s) resources
17. Which of the following can be considered as a direct benefit of using a service desk? Enhanced focus and a proactive approach to service provision

Managing the business relationships with the suppliers

Usage of the Incident logging form to report Incidents

Measuring, recording, analyzing and improving customer satisfaction

19. How does an organization use Resources and Capabilities in creating
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