Mockingbird Hill Description

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Mockingbird Hill Real Estate The small Mockingbird Hill community is located between Interstate 35 and North Lamar Boulevard, Rundberg Lane, and Braker Lane. Sharing North Austin’s zip code of 78735, Mockingbird Hill lies merely 10 miles north of fun Downtown Austin and a little to the south of Chinatown. What makes families choose Mockingbird Hill real estate properties is their location and affordability. Mockingbird Hill Homes For Sale The homes for sale in Mockingbird Hill are an eclectic mix of cottage houses featuring mid-century styles and relatively newer properties that are designed to look more like ranch homes. The old trees lining the streets and shading the houses’ yards give the residential area a timeless appeal. The interiors of the homes, on the other hand, can have anything from details reminiscent of the 1940’s…show more content…
Private schools are also present, located just 4 miles away or closer. These include Stepping Stone School and Brentwood Christian School. In addition, you will be glad to know that this community is just walking distance from the Capital Metro bus station on North Lamar. Mockingbird Hill is also very easy to get to if you are coming from other areas because of Interstate 35. The neighborhood is just off West Grady Lane and West Applegate Drive. Mockingbird Hill Home Values As mentioned, houses in Mockingbird Hill greatly differ in styles and sizes, resulting in varying home values. However, a few numbers should give you an idea of what you stand to find in this quirky little community. The average home has an area measuring about 1,800 square feet, costing an average of $139 per square foot. This brings the average home price to about $240,000. You should visit Mockingbird Hill if you are looking for a wide range of options on a practical
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