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MOCKINGJAY Ladies and gentleman of the jury I find the book mocking jay by Suzanne Collins in 2010 to be very good at keeping me in suspense and keeping me interested. However, there were areas in which the book was not quite as good such as giving all the details, being too violent, and isn’t good for little kids. The book is a good book and I liked it but I didn’t like it as much as I did the first 2 books and this last book disappointed me. I was expecting some amazing ending to the series of the hunger games but I was let down from the things that happened in the book. Mocking jay is just a sad book that doesn’t even seem humane for the capitol to be doing to all of these different districts. In the book the parts that I like in…show more content…
After everything that was explained at the end I wanted to read the rest of the story and I wished that there was another book to read. I loved the ending because it made me want to keep reading even though I was disappointed with it not going on but that is why I loved the book. In everything that I had read there were many things that were good and there were a lot of things that I hated but after the end and the way that they made me want to keep reading on. The other thing that I love in the book was on page 176 when Katniss reunites with Peeta and he wakes up it is crazy how he survived with everything that Katniss thought the capitol would do to him. Luckily the only thing that the capitol did to Peeta was pretty much brainwash him into believing that Katniss is the bad person in the situation and he remembers terrible things she did. This is another twist in the book and the way that they tell the story is very good and it helps me comprehend the story. I loved this part of the story it was my favorite part in the book because it was a cute story and it completed the whole story. There are some other things that I did not like in the book the first one was on page 232 when Katniss says “Finally, he can see me for who I really am. Violent, disturbed, manipulative, deadly. And I hate him for it.” The way that she feels that she is violent is kind of
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