Mockingjay Symbolism Essay

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In the novel the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, there are many memorable symbols used. One of these symbols is the Mockingjay. The reason the symbol is important is that it helps the reader to understand some of the main ideas in the novel. Suzanne Collins wants the reader to think about the rebellion and the rebels fighting back and breaking free from the capitol through the use of the mockingjay symbol.

The Mockingjay is used to symbolize the rebellion against the capitol and the districts rising up and fighting for themselves breaking the control of the Capitol. The mockingjay symbol is used to the show the people of the districts that the Capitol has been defeated before when their precious Mockingjays which were used for spying were turned against them, instead helping the districts and confusing the capitol the Mockingjay gives them hope that the districts can win again. The symbol of the Mockingjay is used to portray the leader
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No matter what your situation is there is always a way you can find a way to turns things around. Like how the districts managed to turn the capitols own creation against them and use it for their advantage which lead to the mockingjays eventually breaking free of the capitol's control, this gives the people of the districts hope that they to one day can do the same because they are proof that it is possible to break the capitol's control. If they just fight back they to can one day be as free as the Mockingjays without the Capitols controlling rule and they are on their way to freedom this is shown through one of Katniss's quotes “i am the Mockingjay. The one who has survived despite the capitol's plans. I am the symbol of the rebellion.”. The districts inspired and lead by the Mockingjay, which in the end leads them to fight back just like the Mockingjay bird as they attempt to break the control of the capitol's rule and create a new world for the people of the

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