Mod1assignment Essay

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Professional Development
Deb Kraft
Aspen University
Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing
Module 1
October 2014

Table of Content:

A. Interesting Items
1. Critical Healthcare issue: Why don’t we have enough nurses?
a. The shortage
b. The temporary solution
2. Health promotion, Disease Prevention, and Illness: A community Perspective
a. Healthy People 2020
b. Disease Prevention
B. Least Interesting
3. Apply Quality Improvement
4. IOM Core Competency: Utilize Informatics

C. Reflection – Stem Cell Research for Alzheimer’s

Professional Development
A. Interesting Items
Critical Healthcare issues: Why don’t we have enough nurses?
1. The Shortage: In the early years of 2000 the true nursing shortage had begun. With
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2. The temporary solution: Recruitment is a great way to get a good look at the prospects that are available. But there is also a cost to that, we need to consider that also with any type of outreach for good nurses there is always a cost. At LTAC we encourage the nearby colleges to use us for their unit based care for the nursing students. Normally we have on average about 6-8 students during a semester that we work with to orient to the skills of nursing. While in the process of training those with the basic skills needed to become a great nurse we also get to see their potential for working for us. Through this process we find the highs and lows of their skills and continually work on those areas to help them gain new concepts for their nursing career. We are very blessed with 3 great colleges in this area to recruit from. The majority of the students that we mentor are in the final stages of the BSN program at their college, most are employed at a medical facility nearby. Thinking on this subject matter the nursing recruitment that we use is in house and we get to see the work ethic of all candidates in full action.
Health promotion, Disease Prevention, and Illness: A community Perspective
1. Healthy People 2020: Have a vision of a society that all people live long, healthy lives by using a 10 year plan. Through their mission they identify

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