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Evaluate the creative strategy used by the Partnership for a Drug Free America in its advertising campaign, particularly with respect to the use of strong fear appeals. Early spots of creative strategy used by the Partnership for Drug Free America in its advertising campaign are considered “melodramatic” relying too much on scare tactics and stereotypes such as the school bus driver who snorts cocaine; African-American boys selling crack in the school yard; and the “one puff and you are hooked” messages. Academics as well as others studying the effects of drug abuse programs questioned these approaches, noting that scare tactics often have not been found to be an effective way to change attitudes and behavior Critics argued…show more content…
While there was no rough testing of print ads or commercials, some focus group pre-testing of finished ads was conducted to prevent against some of the problems that occurred in the early days of the PDFA. The new strategy was seen by many as a very positive step. For example, Richard Earle, author of the book The Art of Cause Marketing: How to Use Advertising to Change Personal Behavior and Public Policy, welcomed the new strategy, praising the integrated marketing effort, the targeting, and the consistent theme that carried across all media. Earle particularly liked the use of TV and print advertising to drive viewers to the ONDCP and PDFA websites and the use of informational brochures. He predicted that the campaign would be very successful. 3. Discuss the merits of using an integrated marketing communications program that encompasses a variety of communication tools to prevent drug use versus an approach that relies primarily on media advertising. The PDFA and ONDCP have been in disagreement over the type of advertising that should be used to discourage drug use as well the extent to which other forms of integrated marketing communications should be used in the campaign.

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