Model Driven Development Of Real Time And Distributed Software

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Model-Driven Development of Real-Time and Distributed Software SYSC-5708 (Department of Systems and Computer Engineering) PROJECT REPORT FALL 2014 Prof. Dorina C. Petriu Submitted by: TARANJEET SINGH #7212973 ELEVATOR SYSTEM MODELLING USING UML INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT In this project a descriptinve UML modelling for an elevator control system is depicted. Elevator system can be considered as an real time embedded system and hence the object oriented concepts of UML can be exploited. Although the current object-oriented analysis and design methods focus only on the software of a system which might be troublesome for a real time system merely because of more comprehensive and intellegent approach that it requires. Some of the real time aspects that needs to be considered are : 1. Modeling of the network 2. Time constraints 3. Definition of task and task communication 4. Definition of hardware elements and their characteristics However, UML can be used to define and analyse a real time features of a complex system and can somewhat address the above mentioned aspects. In order to describe the modelling from the hardware and software side, we have made use of three different views to model the structure of the system namely object construction and the software structure view which plays role to describe the software architecture of the system and the third one is the system architecture view which represents the system hardware and
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