Model Evolution Lab

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This lab is supposed to model evolution, we may not have the real life version of the lab but it does model evolution like mutations. This lab models mutation because the die determines the mutation such as the size and width of the bird. We tested out the mutations of the bird by throwing the bird, the one that landed further was more fit and more adapted to the environment. The one that survives gets to move onto the next generation but on the other hand, the one that doesn’t survive ( or the one that's not fit), dies and doesn’t get to go onto the next generation. Overall, it was a great model because we tested out mutation and the mutation was the modified version of the bird. Speaking about fitness, it was genuinely present in our lab. It was…show more content…
We basically said that the bird’s mate has to have the same genes and traits but the mate doesn’t show the mate so I’m assuming that the bird was asexual in the first place. The lab is basically telling us that the bird reproduced by itself but I don’t think that’s how birds work. Overall, I think the lab isn’t that realistic unless if the bird is asexual. Another way the lab was inaccurate is because the throwing aspect wasn’t the controlled variable. That being said we couldn’t rely on the fact that one is more fit than the other. Just because one flies further than the other doesn’t mean that it is more fit. That being said, if the bird flew the furthest without actually being that fit in the real world, it could mess up our data. I think we could improvements by making a controlled variable, the variable that never changes. I think we can create a robot that throws the birds in a specific way and only that way. This is a great way to see improvements because now we know that it isn’t our throwing technique that skews our data. I think this would triumph our lab because now we that nothing is skewing our
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