Model Of The SERVQUAL Model

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Service quality is one area which was studied extensively for the past four decades. In the field of service marketing, there are many definition for service quality. Parasuraman et al, (1988) defines service quality as a discrepancy between customers’ expectation and perception of a service or service experience and this is basically the perceived service quality. Based on this concept, Parasuraman et al. (1985), developed a model known as the SERVQUAL. The SERVQUAL model is based on 22-item scale and it measures service quality based on five dimensions which are reliability, responsiveness, tangibility, assurance and empathy. According to Parasuraman et. al (1985) these five dimension are generic and they are applicable across the industries. However, there are some critics to this model also such as Gronroos (1990) and Mangold and Babakus (1991) who opines that SERVQUAL solely focuses on the service delivery process while neglecting the outcome of the service. Interestingly, the inventors of SERVQUAL suggested the importance of both the functional and technical aspect of service quality in the model (Parasuraman, 1985). However, they didn’t include the technical aspect but it in the instrument. The emphasis on the functional aspect is basically the American school which was…show more content…
Another dimension which is Technical Quality will be included along the five original dimensions in the SERVQUAL model. Technical Quality is a construct introduced by Gronroos (1984) and it measures the service outcome which is vital in the after sales service of the automotive industry. The study will only assess the perception of customers and exclude expectation as done by previous researchers such as Carman (1990), Reindenbach and Sandifer-Samllwood (1990) and Allaway (1993). These researches found the perception alone is sufficient to measure the perceived service
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