Model The Habits Of A Life Long Learner

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Research shows that people choose to to buy in and support the institution when they feel positive about the “we” and often quit when the “me” category is not fulfilled (Buckingham, 2016). Model the habits of a life-long learner Just as teachers are expected to participate in professional development opportunities and continually update curriculum to meet the needs of their students, authentic administrators need to model the same behavior. This is especially true in modeling the learning and use of technology in the classroom. Kathleen Lommen (2016), author of the article, “Ethical Leadership in the Digital Age,” argues that school administrators “must … embrace technology, become proficient in its use and understand its value in…show more content…
On the other hand, leaders who are seen as fair by their faculty through the harvesting careful relationships founded on trust and remaining transparent throughout the organizational and structure changes. By taking these steps focusing on justice, faculty and staff will be more receptive to large institutional changes. Utilize different collaboration strategies Collaboration as the means for change is imperative in transformational leadership. According to Abdolhamid Arbabi and Vali Mehdinezhad (2015) in their research article, “The Relationship Between the School Principals’ Collaborative Leadership Style and Teachers’ Self-Efficacy,” principals and school leaders who practice collaborative decision-making have faculty that have a higher self-efficacy, or belief in one’s ability to succeed at their jobs. (p.3) Arbabi and Mehdinezhad (2015) also found that when teachers have a strong self-efficacy, they tend to expand their teaching and try new and less-traditional forms of instruction based on the needs of their students (p.5). Build a culture of collaboration in schools Successful collaboration in schools does not necessarily come inherently with a transformational leader alone. There are very specific strategies a leader can take to instill regular collaboration centered around important needs of the school. Paul Sutton and Andrew House (2016)

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