Model United Nations Cmunce Conference 2017. Representing:

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Model United Nations CMUNCE Conference 2017
Representing: Dmitry Ustinov Delegate Name: Laurel Butterworth
Committee: Space Race JCC (Soviet) School: Boulder High School

I, Dmitry Ustinov, am firstly a politician, set to oversee and manage the Ministry of Defense Industry, the product of the merged Ministry of Armaments Production and Ministry of Aviation Industry. Within this duty, that many would call simply a political rearrangement for the advancement of the military and political animal, I can assure this department that I am wholly devoted to the scientists, research, and goals of defence industry. At this pivotal moment, history has its eyes on the CCCP, and we must keep our eyes on our goals, both in the stars and on our own
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I now oversee the creation of magnificent rockets and missiles, which have increased the CCCP’s military might, such as the R-5 and later the R-7 rockets. Created by the OKB-1, these rockets boast of intercontinental ballistic capabilities that could revolutionize modern warfare and atmospheric and astronomical science. Since my youth, I have acted forcefully, decisively, and intelligently to advance the CCCP’s scientific understanding of space and rocket technology, something I plan to continue to do as this new technological age emerges. While the extension of this field to advanced scientific ballistics research took some convincing by Korolev, the launching of Sputnik clearly displayed to the world the immense power of the ICBM, simultaneously broadening the horizon of scientific progress and military prowess. The Ministry of Defense Industry will no doubt play a very important role in the future of the CCCP and the broadening of mankind’s knowledge. I see it as a great honor, then, to be the strong leader of this ministry and to protect it from those who ignorantly dismiss the importance of scientific research along with military development. For these accomplishments, such as the launching of the Sputnik satellite, has not only allowed us to gain valuable knowledge, but also displayed the CCCP’s superior technological capabilities, with the
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