Modeling Of Driver Behavior For Tier City Of India

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The driving behavior of driver related with safety and traffic flow. The behavior of the driver in tier city toward the red light violation varies on basis of various factors. To arrive their particular destination people drive the vehicle faster and because of that accident will occurs. The red light violation data collected by using videographic method. The main aim of this analysis to find the relation between the behavior of red light violation and various factors such as speed of vehicle, type of vehicle, gender etc. The analysis is done by using Logistic Modeling Method. This method shows the red light violated done by younger driver are at high speed than that of middle age driver and old drivers . The coefficient of explanatory variable age after calculation is negative its shows that in accordance of the age of violator goes on increasing the possibility of age of red light rule violator goes on declining. It has been seen that all age of driver are more likely to voilates red light when green light turn into amber light and amber light turn into red light.

Keywords: tier ,speed, human factor, vehicle characteristic rule violation Driver behavior.

Tier cities of India are classified on the basis of various factors these factors including cultural and historical development ,advanced Transportation system, economical development infrastructural development. Tier II
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