Modeling Of Fractal Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network

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1. Title:- Modeling of fractal antenna using Artificial Neural Network.
2.Introduction:- In high-performance spacecraft, aircraft, missile and satellite applications, where size, weight, cost, performance, ease of installation, and aerodynamic profile are constraints, low profile antennas may be required. Presently, there are many other government and commercial applications, such as mobile radio and wireless communications that have similar specifications. To meet these requirements, micro strip antennas can be used [1,2].
The expensive growth of wireless system and booming demand for variety of new wireless application,it is important to design an antenna whose size,shape,weight and cost will be less. If it is possible that a single antenna can work on more than one frequency then it is good for us. So generally fractal antenna is used as multiband antenna.
The fractal geometry concept can be used to reduce antenna size. So fractal shaped antennas are good choice to reduce antenna size and get multiband behavior.
The fractal antenna can be classified on the basis of iteration as 0 iteration,1st iteration,2nd iteration etc.
For fulfilling all the requirement introduced above fractal microstrip patch antennas are designed.As the number of iteration increases the time consume for solving matrix generated in simulator based on method of moment(IE3D) increases. Due to this reason we are designing an artificial neural network for microstrip fractal antenna.

2.1 Fractal

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