Modeling Travel Demand For A Bus Transport System

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Now a days due to increase in traffic, decrease in open areas and low allocation of funds, transportation planners are looking for other effective ways to overcome these problems. Introduction of low cost fuel-efficient cars and easy availability of car loans with interest free monthly payments have encouraged people to buy private vehicles which has increased congestion. The need for an efficient, accessible and feasible public transport system is needed more than ever.
To overcome the above mentioned problems, most of the metropolitan cities in India are trying to streamline their transportation system so as to introduce a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) as an alternative to bus
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The city of Bangalore is the third most populous and ranked fifth for its urban assemblage in India. Located in the Deccan plateau in the southern part of India, it has an urban population of about 8.52 million. According to World Bank report (2002), motor vehicle ownership has been increasing 10% annually in cities with a population of 1 million or more. This has led to air, noise and environmental pollution; increased congestion; reduced use of public transport system and consequently increase in use of private vehicles.
From 1991 to 2014, private vehicle ownership has increased in Bangalore city and the limping public transport system has been struggling to keep pace with the growing travel demand. To overcome this, the city has to develop a new mass rapid transit system and expand its existing bus services.
It has been also observed that policies pertaining to land use and urban planning has caused major urban sprawl which in turn has led to inadequate public transport (Pucher et al, 2005).

Due to increase in economic growth, better living conditions and ease of loans, it is easier for people now a days to acquire new vehicles. Since Bangalore as an IT hub has great risk of congestion due to rapid urbanization and under developed infrastructure. So, a travel
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