Modeling a Bluetooth Indoor Location System Based on Location Fingerprinting

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MODELING A BLUETOOTH INDOOR LOCATION SYSTEM BASED ON LOCATION FINGERPRINTING 1. INTRODUCTION: Position location systems are becoming increasingly important as add-ons to today’s pervasive wireless technology. Location – aware services are based on some form of positioning techniques. Positioning systems enable context – aware computing with location awareness [1]. Information such as location, group, object that are directly related to an application’s operating environment are often referred to as context of that application which can detect the control and modify its behaviour based on dynamic content is called a contact-aware application [2]. Location in one such context can be of great significance for wireless applications. An…show more content…
Since the time delay to be measured in microcellular technologies is very small, technologies like Bluetooth do not easily support this technique of positioning. There are other variations to the time measurements like phase estimation through synchronized phase detection, pulse transmission through different correlation technique and different spread spectrum techniques [12]. Besides the navigational techniques we have seen above, the Bit Error Rate (BER) involved in the actual transmission can be a good indicator of the distance between two devices. Like RSSI, BER is directly proportional to the distance between the mobile device and the base station. 3. EXISTING INDOOR POSITIONING SYSTEM (IPS) TECHNOLOGIES: Here, we categorize indoor position systems based on four technologies • Infrared (IR): [13] is commonly used in remote controls for television sets and other consumer electronics products. The important characteristics of IR is that it can’t penetrate walls or other opaque materials. Typically, with an IR-based system, a receiver is placed in every location in which a tagged device might be found. The tagged device emits IR light, and if the tagged device is in the same room as a receiver its position is known. The major advantage of an IR-based

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