Modell Charter School Revised Project Management Plan Essays

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Modell Charter School Revised Project Management Plan

Executive Summary:

With a hundred year old traditional school on hand many upgrades can be beneficial. The Modell Charter School has noticed that their technology system is due for an upgrade and their processes need to be more automated and modernized. After some research and consultation, the school decided to bring in a vendor to install a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to help restructure the organization with a customer- and service-oriented approach to improve accountability and encourage enterprising employees to streamline their day-to-day processes. The school was also able to ensure a budget of $6,375,000 to make this update possible. To make
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o Budget – The budget will be reduced do to the budget cuts. This budget change will only affect the ERP system being purchased.

o Scope – The scope will be changed since one big step will be eliminated with the new system. Now that the new system will not migrate the three business systems together this will change the part of the project that will streamline the business operations in the school.

Quality Assurance and Control Plan

Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the most important steps in any project or plan being put together. Making sure the highest quality is provided at the end of a project is what will make a difference to shareholders and customers. Ensuring that all steps of the project are checked and validated will help catch any risks that might hinder the project success. A QA plan needs to be put together by the PM to make sure all steps and tasks of the project are checked to for highest quality. Checking in with the stakeholders throughout the whole project stages to review quality of the product is also very helpful in reaching stakeholder satisfaction in the end.

The Quality Assurance and control Plan will be as follows:

1. Submit a change management request plan to the Project Manager for the changes stated above in the Time,

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