Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne Essay

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Characters- The Main character in this book is Celeste Harris. Celeste was always known for being called the fat girl. One day she was shopping with her mom, her cousin Kirsten and her aunt Doreen for Celeste’s other cousin Kathleen’s wedding. (pg . 1-10) They saw an ad to be a model at Huskey Peach (a clothes brand for heavier people). (pg.10) Behind Celeste’s back, her aunt sends in an application for her. Celetse then gets a letter in the mail saying she qualified for the Huskey Peach fashion show.(pg.36) Celeste is very embarresd and doesn’t want to do it but the rest of her family wants her to. (first half of book) CeLeste also has a friend named Sandra who has always been there for her. There is a mean girl named Lively Carson…show more content…
Someone might not look the best but that doesn’t mean they are not nice and fun. Do what you like to do without feeling guilt. (all the times Lively made fun of Celeste) Just be happy. The story is developed by Celeste getting offered they modeling oppurtunity. (pg.36) Another idea starts when Sandra ditches Celeste Millie and Katy for Lively . (pg. 47) It leads Celeste to start thinking about what she likes to do, not what other’s think.

Point of View- This story is told from first person. That person is the main charactcer, Celeste Harris. (whole book)

Order- It starts in about the first couple of weeks of school- not the very beginning though. It ends
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